Today Your Opportunity Knocks!

As they say... Timing is a key element to success in business. For you and Kix Mobile - That timing is now!

An Amazing Opportunity With Industry Recognized Franchise Executives!

With nearly a 100 years of combined franchise experience, the founders and management team of Kix Mobile have created and grown some of the most iconic brands in the world such as Massage Envy, U.S. Lawns, Ident-A-Kid, Computer Doctor/Expetec,… and helped create the Geek Squad. 

The mobile device industry has exploded in the last 10 years, and opened the door to unprecedented business opportunities. A Morgan Stanley study states “Mobile technology is growing faster than any other industrial or technology segment has ever grown in human history.”

Recognizing this opportunity, the Kix Mobile team set out to create a franchise concept that would capitalize on the mobile device market, and at the same time, remain flexible enough to grow within in it as the sector evolves.

Cell Phone Repair Will Disappear

“The rising popularity of expensive but fragile smartphones has given the industry a significant boost since 2010. In the coming years, rapid technological change, the falling price of cell phones and rising disposable incomes are expected to encourage the replacement rather than repair of devices.” – IBISWorld Market Research

Kix Mobile stores buy, sell, trade mobile devices, provide replacement Xchange-Repair™ for iPhone®, Samsung, sell accessories, offer Prepaid phone plans, and much more!

Taking advantage of the shift to replacement rather than repair – Kix Mobile Xchange-Repair™ is a new and innovative approach to device sales and repair by providing fast and easy device and data exchange for one low price. I.E. You hand us your iPhone or Droid with a broken camera and we hand you back a high quality refurbished phone with your data restored for an affordable flat fee! Why wait for hours to get your mobile device repaired? When we will swap it out and have you on your way in minutes!

White Hot Phone Sales Market

Kix Mobile is America’s newest used device store! Our stores provide high-quality refurbished and unlocked (portable with carriers) phones and tablets. This means as a franchisee, your customers can buy unlocked phones to be used with most cell phone carriers and internationally. Consumer phone trends are shifting rapidly, particularly with younger customers who want portability and do not want to be locked into expensive phone contracts.

Tired of your current phone color or capabilities? Bring it into a Kix Mobile store and trade it in for a different color, features or storage capacity. We can also help you switch brands if you like!

Certified Pre-Owned by Kix Mobile

Own a Franchise That will Evolve with the Industry!

Our franchise ownership options are as flexible as our business model!

Single Unit Franchise

A small footprint store designed for the owner-operator, that operates as a Mall RMU (Retail Merchandising Unit/Cart) or kiosk, store-in-a-store (I.E. Kix Mobile in a big box retailer, smaller store, etc), or as a strip-center retail store. Our flexible store format helps keep real estate costs low and readily available.

Multi-Store Franchise

Wish to own a larger market? Developing and owning multiple stores allows you to own a larger geographic territory, and open store managment or ownership opportunities for family members or friends. Build a legacy!

Area Rep Franchise

Are you an empire builder and want to share in the success? If so, the Kix Mobile Area Representative franchise is for you! Own and manage a large geographic territory, while partnering with us to recruit, train and support Kix Mobile single and multi-unit franchisees.