Simple Store Operations

No technical experience or phone repair training needed!

Kix Mobile Advantages

Highly visible franchises such as SUBWAY® are successful because they offer a mass-market product and have simple menu and store operations. The Kix Mobile franchise gives you the same competitive advantage.

Store Ownership Competitive Advantages

  • Save significant labor costs by not having to hire multiple techs!
  • Reduce inventory overhead by not having to stock a huge variety of phone parts!
  • Save money by not having to re-educate techs whenever a new phone is introduced to the market!
  • Save labor costs with Xchange-Repair™ – it takes less time to provide the service to the customer!

Mass-Market Appeal

  • The market for refurbished phones and other mobile devices is growing significantly. Estimated $40 Billion+ in the next few years.
  • Nearly everyone owns a smartphone or some type of mobile device – and many own more than one!
  • If they don’t – they will certainly need one very soon.
  • And… statistically a large percentage of customers will break their device.

Simple Menu and Store Operations

  • Franchise owners do not need technical experience.
  • Franchise owners do not need phone or tablet repair training.
  • Store has reasonable and manageable inventory requirements.
  • Small store footprint required.
  • Flexible store options as a cart/kiosk, store-in-a-store, or storefront.
  • Store requires few employees – usually only 1-2.